The greatness of being called Stephen Curry, the best shooter of all time

Some people doubt of the place it will occupy Stephen Curry when he finishes his vital journey in the NBA. Legends like Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, Jerry West, Patrick Ewing or Tracy McGrady no: for them it is already the best shooter ever… And much more than that.

The 33-year-old base is the main bulwark
of a type of player that is in short supply In the age of star constellation super teams in the American league, the player of a single team.

It is true that a good sports management of the Golden State Warriors has made it easy for Curry, who joined him with Kevin Durant and they had a good eye with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to put together a team that has won three titles in the last five years (2015, 2017 and 2018) under the perennial leadership of ’30’. Have a coach like Steve Kerr, one of the smartest, most mediatic and innovative strategists of recent times has also made Curry the infallible point-scoring weapon that he is today.


This week, Don Stephen became Warriors leading scorer, a milestone that placed him above the very Wilt chamberlain, the guy who appears the most in NBA history books. For many, that fact already makes Steph the best player in Golden State history. “Look, this is Mr. Warrior”, baptizes him Reggie miller, another of the famous players of a single team in statements to the ESPN.

Miller, who knows his stuff about shooting and amassed 25,279 points in his career, goes further: “He is the best shooter of all time, he has taken shooting to a new dimension”. That is Curry’s great legacy according to various league legends, his influence on contemporary basketball that is played today in the United States and, therefore, around the world.

“Steph is a lot like Wilt, Shaq, Jordan or Iverson. They have changed things they have changed how basketball is perceived and played “, concludes the former Indiana Pacers player. Agree with him, too, two other colossi like Jerry West and Dirk nowitzki. “I think it’s probably number one, yeah”, corroborates the German.

Averages per game of his career: 24 points, 43.4% of success in triples (3.7 and 8.4 attempts), 47.7% in field goals, 51.9% of effective success in field goals.

2. Honors: 3x NBA rings, 2x MVP, 1x top scorer, 7x All Star, 2x contest triples.

3. Number one in: triples scored in a single season (402), triples scored in NBA Finals (105), seasons leading the league in triples (5), reaching 2,000 triples in fewer games (597) and much more.

When Curry entered the league in 2009, shots of two from the middle and long distance represented more than 20% of the field goals in the competition. The triples, by then, more or less the same. Since
Steph broke into the league the trend was always down for shots of two and shot higher from the perimeter.

In 2021, nearly half of all field goals in the NBA are triples. The shot of two far is already something residual and represents approximately 7% of shots made by players.

Comparison graph of shots of two and three in the NBA during the last 25 years.

Evidently, the revolution does not belong to a single player. Curry is simply the banner of it. He broke all records seen and to be seen in efficiency, scoring and accuracy from the line of three. He helped create even his figurative brother, a Klay Thompson that has formed in recent years a pair of perimeter lethal and it has dominated the league with the last known dynasty.

“Steph, like Michael, has changed the game. Now you have the players taking shots from far away and doing everything he does, “he says. Patrick Ewing, a player from the old batch of dominant centers that has become extinct in the league.

Extinguished or transformed, and it is that now the dominant interiors are complete machines that just pound you in the paint that they will riddle you in triples if you leave them space.

Not many years ago, to think that Marc Gasol would score four triples and shoot six as in his last game with the Lakers he would earn you the qualification of authentic crazy. All this is led by the Possibilities opened by Curry or James Harden, who must also be mentioned as another outside player who has just transformed the league’s style of play thanks to his ability to dribble and throw from any corner track.

The two-time reigning NBA MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is increasingly developing its outdoor shooting ability. Know that to survive in the future you must rely on other assets beyond your natural talent and gifted physique.

“Right now, Curry is the best”, says West for the ESPN.
“But we must remember that he is creating another group of shooters who will try to emulate him. in the next years”.

Trainers like Mike D’Antoni, who has spent years trying to get a degree with his idea of ultra offensive basketball via players like Nash or Harden, now see the fruits of that style that at the end of the 2000s earned a lot of criticism. The best attack, they said then, is a good defense. Have the roles been reversed today?

The numbers say yes Although that does not mean that the reigning champions, or any team with a ring in the last decade, have had to work a lot on defense: there are still two sides on a basketball court.

Of course, Curry has made the kids grow up dreaming of hitting a string of triples from midfield to win the championship. “Brother, Steph has changed the game.”, sentenced Jayson tatum some time ago.

The new generations and the old ones agree on the impact of the base, as Tracy McGrady put it months ago: “Every now and then a guy comes in who comes into the league and changes the game. Steph has done it. MJ did it, Shaq did too. Teams see that and think, how can we beat these guys? “

That is curry’s legacy, a jolly guy who still hopes to prolong the Warriors’ dynasty for years to come. There is a great advantage in his play style: time is not against you, since their talent and work do not depend too much on physical condition.

At 33, Steph has plenty of time to further enhance her immense legacy.