The great dilemma of the Korda family

Former Czech tennis players Peter korda and Regina Rajchrtova, citizens of the United States, will face a great dilemma this Thursday with their three children, also professional athletes like them. While his daughters Jessica and Nelly will play at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage (California) on the first day of the ANA Inspiration, the first women’s golf Grand Slam of the year, on the other coast of the country his youngest son, Sebastian, will play the quarterfinals of Miami Masters 1000 tennis against russian Andrey Rublev.

Jessica and Nelly korda They keep asking their parents if they can book their flight to watch them play ANA Inspiration, but they’re excited that they haven’t arrived yet. And if they do not arrive it could be even better because it would indicate that his brother Sebastian, the youngest of the family, continues to advance in the Masters 1000 in Miami.

The sisters Korda they have already made a name for themselves on the women’s golf circuit. Jessica is 28 years old and ranked 18th in the world and Nelly, out of 22, is number 4 in the ranking. But this week his younger brother Sebastian, 20, has burst onto the ATP tennis circuit, the same sport that his parents practiced, by qualifying for the first time for the quarterfinals of a Masters 1000 tournament such as Miami.

“My parents are probably going to change their schedule a bit and hopefully stay with me in Miami,” he said. Sebastian after winning the Argentine Diego schwartzman in the round of 16. And it seems that they will listen to him. Petr Korda, who became number 2 in the world and winner of the Australian Open, and Regina Rajchrtova, who was in the top-30 of the WTA and represented Czechoslovakia at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, will stay in Miami to see their young son and follow their daughters from afar.

And the sisters Korda they get it. “Sebastian is having a really good run,” he said. Nelly with respect to his little brother in age, although not in height, since he measures 1.96 meters. And his world ranking is also growing, since he was number 224 last year at this same time, he arrived in Miami as number 87 and now he has the certainty of being among the 60 best in the world. And if he won the title, he could even become the top-ranked American in the ATP rankings.

“He is a great strategist, he has size and can do many things because he dominates all the shots,” he said. Frances Tiafoe, one of four Americans to reach the knockout stages in Miami this week and a huge fan of his. “He’s a great guy. I want the best for him ”, he added Tiafoe after what Sebastian korda will eliminate the Argentine Diego schwartzman, fifth favorite, who also praised him. “He is in a very good moment, he has a good service and good movements. It seems like he’s played on the ATP Tour for many years. He is doing very well ”, assured the number 9 in the world.

To be fair, it won’t be the first time Peter korda and Regina Rajchrtova They find themselves in a dilemma with their children, as the family’s schedule rarely lines up and they often play on different continents at the same time, which means that all of their sleep cycles often turn into a mess.

Because of that, the three siblings are not together that often either, but Jessica and Nelly They know they’ll get a text message, often in capital letters, from their brother on Thursday with some kind words to help them get through their round. “He loves to exaggerate,” he said. Nelly. “He’s definitely the overdone man in the family. It’s kind of funny. Yesterday we saw his game and it was very exciting and he is playing very well. He’s working hard and it’s great to see that his effort has paid off and it’s to see him do it so well. Jess and I are definitely his biggest fans ”, they say.

That is why they do not care that their parents do not need their plane tickets to go to California yet. The Ana Inspiration from LPGA ends on Sunday, the same day as Miami Masters 1000. If the two sisters make the cut in the golf tournament and Sebastian wins a couple more games, Sunday could be a day like no other for the Korda family. “I hope they stay in Miami,” he said. Nelly.