The Garcia cards and Yuri’s blocks at Athletic

As for the yellow cards that Athletic players have seen in the league championship, the García, Dani and Raúl, they do not enter the top ten, but they stay very close. Both share the twelfth position with eleven cards with a long list of players. Pique (Barça) and Damien (Getafe) have been the ones that have taken the most, 15, closely followed by Soldier (Granada) with 14.

Then there is a curious statistic provided by @LaLigaenDirecto. And is that Yuri Berchiche, next to Carlos Neva (Granada) and Carvajal (Real Madrid), is the one that has blocked the most lateral centers (21) in the recently ended 2019-20 campaign.

On the other hand, Athletic has finished the League with 41 goals in favor, thirteenth in this section. To find assistants of those targets in the Bilbao set you have to go to position 33 of the championship, occupied by a defender, Cap, and a means, Unai López, with four final passes per head. They match with 17 other players in this figure. Messi queen with 21.