The Galatasaray, pending Adnan Januzaj

Januzaj He is already in Monaco to start a long summer vacation, since he has already finished his assignment with the Real this season and that in the end he was not called up by the Belgian coach Robert
Martinez for the Eurocup, although it does appear on a list of reserves. Given that his contract ends in 2022 and that he has not yet responded to the renewal offer he has on the table, the first siren calls from other teams begin to arrive. One of them is from the Turkish Galatasaray, who already took an interest in him before he arrived at the Royal in 2017. The Ottoman journalist Eyup
Yildiz affirmed yesterday that the technician Fatih
Terim he wants him in his team next year and he has even had a first meeting with the Real crack. The txuri urdin managers want him to renew and, if he does not do so before the market concludes, they are doomed to sell him to get an economic profit from him. It is priced at 10 million