The future of Torreira, neither Atlético, nor Arsenal … nor Boca

Lucas Torreira placeholder image will not have a second season in the
Atlético de Madrid.
The mattress club has no intention, at this time of the season, to force the machine for the Uruguayan, who will end his assignment at the mattress club from the Arsenal. At least that’s how the situation is today.

It will be necessary to see what happens in these last five days of the championship but much would have to change the situation for the route plan in this matter to change drastically. Where the Uruguayan footballer will play next season is a mystery because although he has already said that he wants to return to South America, specifically to Mouth
Juniors, a club he has been a follower of since childhood, it seems difficult for the situation to arise.

Torreira He recently explained that he wishes to be close to his family after the player recently lost his mother. “I would force myself to come to Mouth. My dad, crying, told me it was time to play in Mouth. I told my representative as soon as my mother passed away: “I don’t want to go back to Europe, I want to play in Boca.” But it is not only because of the situation, nor the moment that I am going through, the town throws me and being with my family. I left very young. To be able to help, to be close to my family and home … That being in Europe does not happen ”, said the midfielder,” the player recently pointed out.

However, the footballer’s father is more realistic in this regard and recently pointed out the difficulties that exist in making his wish come true. “The arrival of Lucas to Mouth it will be quite complicated, there has been no news about it. Everything is because of my son’s desire to play in The
Candy box, but in doing so we have created some problems in the club”, Said the player’s father, in words to a media associated with‘La Gazzetta dello Sport‘.

The footballer’s father acknowledged that having made his intention public, he had not helped his son in this story. “I do not know if Mouth will be able to pay what the Arsenal for the assignment of Luke. What I do know is that I don’t think my son plays in the Arsenal next year. And if it won’t be Mouth, your destination will be in Italy or in France. Of course, there would be an unfulfilled dream, which, however, instead of generating joy, caused problems for the management of Mouth“, he pointed.