The funny reaction of a highway worker when meeting Piqué and Shakira

Pique Y Shaquira They are touring Gipuzkoa taking advantage of their vacations. The well-known couple formed by the Barça footballer and the Colombian singer arrived last Saturday in Euskadi in their own vehicle, accompanied by their two children, Milan Y Sasha.

The funny scene took place at the Arrona motorway tollbooth, near Zumaia, according to a video published by ETB. It was then that Ana, the worker, met the two famous characters, took a selfie with them and reacted as they deserve. “The first thing I said and the children were behind it was’ Damn bitch, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!” Teleberri of the Basque chain. As if she were a 15-year-old teenager. “Total quinceañera,” he acknowledges.

Shakira Y Pique They laughed “all the time at me” in a funny way and the center-back acknowledged that they were “touring”. “They were very nice, but they didn’t want to say anything more to me,” he adds.

Shakira He has taken advantage of his stay in the Basque Country to surf the artificial waves that the Wavegarden company has in the small town of Aizarnazabal. It is the second time that Barranquilla has performed this sport at these facilities.