The funk culé with Luis Suárez

All who were in Gutters celebrating the title last week (I hope with a mask!) they had to go home. Jorge Molina Y Darwin Machis they stormed the Camp Nou breaking everyone’s forecasts, but not mine. I told you in my Arrows last week: the weight of the historic headbutt of Godin is very large. Many friends of mine culés confessed to me their fear of going back to play the championship at home against him Athletics. And if they were thoughts that ran through the minds of experienced fans, rest assured that he has also been in the dressing room and ended up influencing the defeat against Granada. Above a rojiblanco team, winning in the Blaugrana fiefdom. Premonition of what could happen this Saturday? Who knows. What I do have is certain is that the headbutt of Jorge Molina he had a Uruguayan accent.

Although the Barça beat the Valencia on Sunday that night I received even more whatsapps than the previous week. There was general consensus in the tone of his messages: “I am already seeing it Paulo… it has been a lot of years since you won at the Camp Nou in the league, but it would be VERY Athletics come now to Barcelona to beat us … and above with a goal from Suárez ”. Well yes, that would be very DNA of Athletic Club of Madrid. Can you imagine that we beat the Barça at home with a goal from Suarez? More than one culé will have nightmares this week thinking about that possibility. They will not say it out loud, but I assure you that it is already haunting the minds of many. If it does happen, frankly I think they’d be happy for the Gunman.

My culés friends also reminded me that the last time he Athletics Y Barça they played something for life or death was in the Super Cup of Spain. On January 9, 2020. It is true that the match was played in Saudi Arabia, but the blaugranas played local. The result ended 2-3 with a rojiblanca victory and caused a gale in the Catalan team that ended in the incomprehensible dismissal of Ernesto Valverde and all the mess that followed. The goal of strap He “killed” that Blaugrana project. Who knows if he Athletics has become the black beast of the Barça, as it already is in Champions since last decade. Despite this, it goes without saying that I feel great affection, admiration and respect for him. FC Barcelona, his hobby, Ronald Koeman, Leo Messi, and of course the president Joan Laporta, to whom I take the opportunity to send a big hug.

I have no idea what will happen on Saturday, but I do have the certainty of one thing: whatever happens will not decide the league either for one side or the other. There will be three other finals ahead. Friends fasten your seat belts.