The fun game of the professions of Athletic footballers

The changing rooms, understood as that sacred space for athletes, are usually shielded from the outside. Although from time to time certain issues that happen inside come to light. This is what happens for example now with Ander Capa and that of Athletic. The side has revealed some secrets of what is cooked in that house. Clues to the personality of lions.

In a questionnaire posed by LaLiga, Capa has lent himself to the game of professions. Thus the things, the jarrillero defender points out that the hairdresser would be “Cordova, since it is a bit of a mess with things, with a razor in hand I don’t want to imagine it ”.

The Athletic defender also points out that the model would be “Iñigo Martinez, with a plant, clear eyes, blond, handsome … “. Meanwhile, the job of Community Manager in his opinion “hits Iker Muniain, the boss of the team I think ”.

On the other hand, the cook would be “Dani GarciaI’ve been to a meal with him and he’s pretty good at cooking ”. As for the singer, Cap ensures that “it’s easy, there is a music group on the team and in this case it is Villalibre”.

More trades on the table. “The teacher, Vesga, Lekue… Any of you two. It hits them. Taking a class with kids … I don’t know why, but I see them. I imagine”.

Cap he would keep the pilot. “There are quite a few, but in this case, the issue of cars, rallies and those things the truth is that I like them,” he acknowledges. The role of police officer is reserved “for Balenziaga, wear a uniform, handcuffs … (laugh).

The role of doctor is assigned “to From MarcosSince his wife is involved in medicine, she may know something ”. Very close, acting as a nutritionist, he sees “a Raul Garcia, to Rulo and Ibai Gómez. They both carry the theme of food ”.

In a very different terrain, the group’s dancer would be “Iñaki Williams, whenever there is music he is the one who starts dancing ”. And with a ‘Gamer’ label, he says that “there are quite a few on that subject, I think more than half of them play all kinds of games. If I had to say one who plays a lot, a lot … Villalibre too, but I could choose … ”.

It is the turn of the journalist profession. “Iñigo Lekue, he likes to talk, get involved in many things … I think as a reporter he would do well ”, he thinks Cap.