The French press surrenders to Keylor: ‘Your Majesty Navas’

The new stellar performance of Keylor
Navas, last night at the game of Cup
France before him Lille, has left his teammates surrendered PSG and to the gala sports press, and the newspaper ‘L’Equipe’Titled this Thursday:” Your Majesty Navas. “

In a one-game tie, the Costa Rican goalkeeper stopped a maximum penalty from the rival attacker Yusuf
Yazici in the 78 ‘when his team won 2-0 and a goal of Lille it would have jeopardized the victory.

“The Parisian goalkeeper is in an exceptional moment,” adds the French sports newspaper, which considers that Navas “has become an essential value” of the Paris-Saint-Germain.

L’Équipe ’ remember also how Navas had a decisive intervention in a heads up with Yilmaz in minute 5, still 0-0, and he was also key in several worthwhile saves and even with a departure from the area to frustrate a rival counterattack.

Finally, the PSG they won 3-0 against the leader of the French League.

“What a show!”

“Seven stops, a feat with a penalty and several dribbles. What a spectacle!”, Headlines the sports channel ‘Eurosport‘, While the newspaper’You
Parisien’Says:” Another great game for the Parisian goalkeeper. “

The praise for the 34-year-old goalkeeper also came from his coach, the Argentine Mauricio
Pochettino: “I think that in the last three games, against FC Barcelona in the Champions League and of course tonight, it has been clearly decisive.”

In the last three games Keylor has been clearly decisive

And is that Navas stopped last week a penalty to Leo
Messi in the second leg of the Champions League, in the 45th minute and 1-1 on the scoreboard.

That stop was added to other important interventions against the attackers of the Spanish team, which was finally eliminated from the competition.

Navas “shows on the ground that he is the best of all,” said his teammate last night. Alessandro