The four untouchables for Real Madrid

Brazilians Rodrygo
Goes Y Vinicius
Jr., the Uruguayan Fede
Valverde and the norwegian Martin
Odegaard, loaned in the Arsenal Since last January, they are the four untouchable footballers for the Real
Madrid facing the next summer transfer market, according to ‘Brand‘.

The Madrid newspaper assures that all of them are strategic bets of the white club, where they assume that there will be departures this summer.

They cost almost 100 ‘kilos’

Perez disbursed almost 100 million euros -97.8 exactly- for these four young securities (45 per Rodrygo, the same for Vinicius, six for Valverde and 2.8 for Odegaard) and you have no intention of getting rid of them. The case of Odegaard, that after a season at a high level in the Real
Society, was left without a place in the schemes of Zinedine
Zidane and she had to pack her bags again, this time bound for London.

Arsenal want me to continue

With Mikel
Arteta, the Scandinavian midfielder is recovering his best level and in the Arsenal

They would be delighted to continue to count on your services for the 2021-22 season. His return to the Santiago Bernabéu is directly linked to the presence or not of Zidane on the merengue bench next year, still uncertain, but the Real
Madrid he is clear that he does not want to part with it

Odegaard is leaving flashes of his quality at Arsenal