The fortune that Carmen Borrego would have spent on aesthetic operations

The Telecinco program ‘Live life’ has had one more week with José Manuel Gómez Villar, a surgeon who has directly analyzed the physical evolution of Carmen Borrego, in addition to calculating how much money would have been spent on the total amount of all aesthetic operations.

To compare the physical transformation of the ‘Telecinco’ collaborator, the ‘Viva la vida’ program has used two images, one of Carmen Borrego in 1999 and the other of today.

The first of the touch-ups that the program has analyzed is double chin liposuction. Precisely to extract fat from the neck, which has a cost of 3,000 euros. However, Carmen Borrego herself has clarified that it was an operation and not a liposuction.

Later the program analyzed more touch-ups: Veneers and orthodontics. With a cost of about 12,000 euros. Again, Carmen clarified that they were implants. “I looked at that mouth and it seemed a horror to me,” he acknowledged.

The fortune that Carmen Borrego would have spent on aesthetic operations

The next change they deepened was related to the gaze. Specifically, a blepharoplasty, which consists of removing excess skin. With an approximate price of 3,500 euros.

To retract the muscles after double chin liposuction, Carmen Borrego would have undergone a cervical lift. With a cost of 8,000 euros.

Later, they analyzed another aesthetic retouch, in this case a facial frontoplasty + HIFU. To elevate the brow area. Around 9,000 euros. Finally, José Manuel Gómez Villar analyzed another treatment: hyaluronic acid and botox.

Carmen Borrego would have spent about 35,500 euros on all these aesthetic touches, as explained by the “Viva la vida” program.