The fortune a 17-year-old is making selling retro boots to Premier League cracks

When I was a teenager Will Amis became obsessed with the Adidas Predator Power Swerves soccer cleats. The young man managed to accumulate hundreds of pairs creating an unbeatable collection that he decided to share with sports lovers in Instagram.

From Etham, Will created an account in the aforementioned social network in which he shared his dozens of models on a daily basis. It was in 2018 when he decided to jump in and start selling these pairs, thinking he could make a profit. And he was not wrong!

In statements to SunSport, Amis explained that it was her father who “gave me a pair of his old boots Adidas predator that she found in the closet and I loved playing with them. Then for my birthday, he bought me a couple of Power Swerves, then another and another, and so on. I just loved them, ”explains the young man about how his love for these sneakers began.

“Just a year later my father and I started collecting them. We create the page in Instagram, we created Classix Collection and now we sell them all over the world to professional footballers ”, he says. Will.

Boots generally start at a price of around 100 euros, although some can cost as much as 8,000, and business is booming for Will, who revealed the most sought after and the most invaluable: “The most popular at the moment are the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV, which we sell for 200 euros.”

One of the familiar faces that has done business with this young man has been Daniel sturridge, former forward of Liverpool: “He didn’t want to pay for the R9, which cost 8,000 euros, because they were too expensive!”