The first shots of Karrikaburu, in the happy pictures

Someone asks him who is the right-back of any English team and he answers at the speed of light. He does not miss a detail and his knowledge is directly proportional to his love for football. Jon
Karrikaburu He is a lover of the sport that he practices.

Jon Karrikaburu poses with the pelotaris Iñaki Otxandorena and Jon Apezetxea after winning a Tournament

Of respectable plant, the one eighty-three of Karrikaburu is seen from time to time by Elizondo, the town that saw him born 18 years ago. There, in the heart of the enchanting Valle del Baztan, your family, owner of the Pub
Karrika. It is less and less common to find the Navarrese on the shores of the Bidasoa; he lives in Donostia, and resides so integrated in the capital of Gipuzkoa that “he stays until he is free.”

A normal and sporty boy who has his genius. This is how he defines Karrikaburu their people. Their plans have to do with being with friends, in Donostia or in Elizondo. Study in Olarain, the center that the Royal Society reserves for non-Gipuzkoan homegrown players who combine forging their future in football with their studies. If Karrikaburu wants to get closer to its origins, there is no major problem: 50 kilometers separate Elizondo of Donostia.

With Apezetxea and Otxandorena

Sports, not just football, are passionate about Jon
Karrikaburu. The finishing instinct that characterizes him within the area emitted a narrow signal when he played ball as a child. Guard txapelas at home, from when I was a forward. Finisher, of course. Before dominating the vicinity of the goal, he brilliantly culminated the goals at the height of the happy tables. With the magic that flies over the environment between one and three.

Apezetxea, expelotari and now mayor of Aspe, and Iñaki Otxandorena, category defender born in Oronotz-Mugaire, they saw that in Karrikaburu there was a puntillero baztandarra budding. He beat everyone his age. He bet on soccer for a simple and flatly overwhelming reason: because he liked it better.