The first Penya dedicated to Barça Femenino is underway

“We are a peña in the process of creation dedicated to women’s Barça. Join this beautiful project. FIRST PENYA Blaugrana del Femení ”. With this message through social networks, a group of Barça Femenino enthusiasts has decided to launch the first Penya dedicated to this section.

Under the name of ‘Totes Unides FEM Força’, the new group has already gained in just three days more than two thousand followers on Twitter, among them players, managers, coaches and journalists dedicated to women’s football who have not hesitated to show their support for this initiative.

Jenni Hermoso, Patri Guijarro, Aitana Bonmatí, Laia Codina or the ex-directive Maria teixidor, among other popular faces in this field, have already joined this project that is eager to see the light.

Fans during a Champions League match between F.C. Barcelona-Paris Saint Germain

After the historic treble achieved this season, with the titles of League, Cup and Champions, the fans for Barça Femenino have grown at a dizzying rate, making this professional section of Barça one of the most admired and successful of the club.

After a year without being able to go to the Johan Cruyff Stadium Due to the pandemic, now more than ever there is a desire to encourage the team at home and accompany them on all their trips, as well as organize meetings and encounters typical of a Penya that is dedicated to promoting Barça and in this case also women’s football .

Thus, on July 9, through a WhatsApp group, this group decided to gather ideas and fans interested in being part of this initiative. The impact has been really unexpected. The next day, July 10, the account of @FemTotes and on Instagram that of @totesunidesfemforca), which in just 24 hours had already added nearly 2,000 followers. And they do not stop growing.

“The idea came from a group of partners and fans when they saw that there was no animation group in the Johan and when we realized that there was no peña, we decided to create it,” explains one of its founders.

“We did not expect the players to follow us, and we did not expect this impact, that in one day we reached 1000 followers on Twitter”, he points out about the great expectation that this initiative has generated, and adds that “we are already working on all the procedures to be an official club ”. The idea is “to go to Johan’s games and any possible trips”.

‘La Piña Informativa’, pioneers

Until now we knew the group of ‘The Informative Pineapple ’, a group of stalwarts who have accompanied Barça Femenino in recent years and who have provided constant support for female soccer players: “Ramon and I founded La Piña as a place where you can gather all the female fans. Give information, support, … in short, everything related to them because at that time there was nothing else where to find out what they do, ”he explains. Gemma Gallego, co-founder of ‘Piña Informativa’.

This group tried to become Penya three years ago, but due to a bureaucratic issue of procedures, the idea had to be delayed, so it has been by the side of the team and has traveled to the finals of the Champions autonomously and unofficially.

It should be remembered that other clubs already have their Penya to support the Female. The Colchoneras (Atlético de Madrid), Z7 Taldea (Real Sociedad), Pioneras Blancas (Real Madrid), the Peña Sevillista Alicia Fuentes or the Peña Valencianista LGTBI + were born with the purpose of promoting women’s football.