The FIA ​​responds to the criticisms launched by Alonso

Fernando Alonso was dispatched at ease against the FIA ​​at the end of the Austrian Formula 1 GP, surprised by the lack of sanctions against the many cars that exceeded the track limits at the start, at Turn 1, taking advantage of the greater permissiveness of Race Direction in the face of this type of situation in the starts of the Great prizes.

“A little surprised or frustrated by the first corner. I was the only one who did the curve, you feel a little stupid. I was the only one who passed cars at the start, I braked very late for Turn 1 on the inside, I passed Ricciardo and Leclerc, they passed the first corner on the outside and finished seventh and eighth. It is very good to go off the track because, of course, you save a lot of traffic in the first part of the race, instead of going in the group of 14 or 15, you go in the group of 10 and it is … interesting Let’s leave it there, for the following races I know where to start and where not to, so well, we learn things ”, said the man from Oviedo, very angry. And later, the answer came from the Race Director, Michael Masi, much discussed during this course by several of its decisions.

“We reviewed it. One of the things we’ve said since the 2019 French GP is that on the first lap, in those first few corners, the car needs to be behind the car it was in when it entered the corner. We reviewed the incident Fernando was referring to and the angles that we could see, and it was exactly what happened “he commented, responding to the F1 microphones.

“All incidents in the first round are treated in a more tolerant way and this has been the case for years, under the principle of ‘letting compete’. So that’s the general principle whereby, in particular, in such circumstances, everyone asked that we look at incidents more tolerantly. And then, that we help the drivers and teams if necessary, and that is what was reviewed then “, Masi clarified in some explanations before which surely, Fernando Alonso will want to show his opinion in his next appearances.