The FIA ​​establishes a clear rule to avoid another controversy in Imola

The controversy of Bahrain GP Formula 1
brought a lot of tail. Therefore, before Emilia Romagna GP, the FIA He made the rules for this second race of the season very clear. In this case, the standard will not have gaps as in the case of Bahrain And there will be no room for doubts: if a driver jumps the track limits 3 times (exceeding it with all four wheels), the black and white flag will be shown and the next one will be sanctioned with a penalty in the race.

After what happened in Sakhir, the Race Director, Michael Masi, has called for sensors to be installed on the outside of the runway in curves 9, 13 and 15 of Enzo e Dino Ferrari racetrack so that pilots cannot break the rule and that those who do are caught red-handed. In this sense, the Italian made it clear that this sum of infractions will be extracted from the times that a driver jumps the track limits of all the points, not only repeating the action in a specific curve.

What’s more, Masi He expressed that any time achieved by surpassing the white lines of the circuit in the free practice sessions or in qualifying will be eliminated.