The Federation will resolve the sanctions within 24 hours

The Royal Spanish Football Federation has announced that facing this final stretch of the championship has launched a new model for the resolution of disciplinary proceedings.

The Federation reflects this new model in the Circular 75 In which it is detailed that the deadline to make allegations to the arbitration acts and their annexes is modified, as well as to file appeals, to safeguard the proper conduct of the competition and respecting the principle of hearing.

With this new model. “the time limit for arguments before the Competition Committee will always be at 14:00 on the day following the match in question, regardless of whether the meeting must be played on a business or non-business day. For his part, the Competition Committee will resolve all disciplinary incidents, whether or not there have been allegations, before 24 hours of the day following the end of the match”, Ensures the Federation.

On the other hand, “regarding deadline to file appeals before the Appeal Committee, the clubs may do so, at the latest, before 2:00 p.m. on the following day that the Competition Committee has decidedn. In turn, the Committee of Appeal will resolve the resources before 24 hours of the day following the one that the decisions of the Competition Committee have been issued.“Says the RFEF.