The fans pass judgment on the role of Joao Félix in the derby

The derby that he
Atlético de Madrid
and the Real Madrid will play this next Sunday at the Metropolitan Wanda, will leave a matter for debate. We are not referring to the role of Joao
Felix in the team.

Currently, the most expensive signing in the history of the mattress club, has no place in the starting eleven of Diego Pablo Simeone. At least in what was seen in the first tests before the crash of the weekend.

That the Portuguese is a substitute is less and less news, but the reality is that it is a bomb that could explode sooner rather than later. Athletic in the hands. A footballer of his projection, quality and taking into account that it was the most expensive investment in the history of the entity, he should not have a secondary role in this team.

Another issue already has to do with performance. There, Simeone He is entitled to make any decision because it is clear that the Portuguese international has had a slowdown in the game in recent months.

Nothing to do with the start of the season, in which he became the team leader with eight goals and three assists until the match of the Bayern Munich at Wanda
Metropolitan, early December. It seemed like the season of its explosion but at the moment it has only been so for moments, as in the past course we go, flashes, great nights, but also long periods of irrelevance.

Quality is not disputed, but consistency is something else. The Portuguese scored again last weekend, against the Villarreal, to claim. Maybe not in the way that was expected in the sense of that strange celebration, but from the grass. Enough to start the derby? Well, from the first tests it seems not.

What do the fans think about this matter? Asked by MD In an ‘on-line’ survey, the fans mostly believe that the Portuguese should start the derby against him Real Madrid next Sunday. Of the almost 1,700 people who participated, 78.1% think that the Portuguese should be a starter in the derby. Meanwhile, 21.8% understand that no, that they must be a substitute.


The former player of Benfica He has seven goals and four assists right now. They only surpass you Marcos Llorente placeholder image with eight goals and seven goals and Luis Suarez, who has 16 goals and two assists. But the truth is that, from the merely cabalistic and numerical point of view. The Athletic earn more with him off the bench, at least in this course.

This season, the Portuguese has played 20 start games, for 13 starting from the bench. Well, Atlético has a much better percentage of victories with Joao Félix as a substitute, 10 wins with him as a starter and 11 as a substitute. As a starter Joao, the team drew five games, while as a substitute two. And the surprising thing is that all the defeats this season, all five, had the Portuguese as a starting player.

That is, the win rate with him coming off the bench is 84.6%, while as a starter it drops to only 50%.