The fans of the ‘Roja’ tremble with the prediction of Tomás Roncero

Everyone knows the fame of ‘jinx’ from Tomás Roncero. The journalist does not usually get his predictions right at all and that is why, when he assures that a team will win, it starts to tremble because of the bad luck that it can receive on its part.

And this time it has not been less. Social networks have recovered a tweet from the journalist in which he announced his favorites for the League, Cup, Ballon d’Or … and of course, also for the European Championship.

It is a question from ‘Carrusel Catalunya’, where he acts as a commentator, in which he was questioned about these questions and Roncero did not hesitate to give as the winner of the Euro to Spain.

Well, now that the League has ended with a victory for Atlético de Madrid, when he had put Real Madrid as the winner, many are the users who have noticed his bet for the Eurocup. And it is that Roncero put as the winner nothing more and nothing less than Spain.

The fans of the “Red” have shouted to the sky. “Now we are sure that we will not win the Eurocup,” said a follower. It will be necessary to see if Roncero remains faithful to his famous jinx or if, for once, he manages to break it.