The ‘faces’ of Joao Félix

The triumph of
Atlético de Madrid
in Villarreal, which returns the Madrid team to victory and allows them to maintain a ‘mattress’ in front of The league, left a lot of good news. One of them, the return of a good version of Joao Felix.

The Portuguese was not a starter, but he came out in the second half and was key to settling the victory, with a great goal from a low cross shot. Something to regain confidence and weight in the team, but also to open a new front, a new debate on account of the controversial celebration that the player had on the pitch.

It is not very clear if it was addressed to Diego
Simeone for this substitution and for having lost relevance in the team, in the Athletic They point out that no, it was going for a partner. Be that as it may, what seems clear after more than a season and a half for rojiblanco is that the Portuguese is a man of ‘faces’.

He is a man with ‘faces’ for which he has already put in various changes several times, this issue is not new. But he is also a player with ‘faces’, with brilliant performances that reveal a potential like few others in the world. Europe, but also of prolonged blackouts that generate doubts around him.

Not about the quality it has, which is unquestionable, it is an out of series, it has already shown. But it does with regard to its ability to maintain that enormous potential and performance for a long time. “Maybe Joao have the regularity that makes the players grow and position themselves in important places ”, explained the Cholo this same season, in full explosion of the Portuguese game and talent.

And is that his start to the season was simply spectacular. Eight goals and three more assists until the match of Bayern Munich at Metropolitan Wanda, early December. A Joao
Felix unstoppable who seemed to lead the well-tuned orchestra of the Athletic that settled in the leadership of The league. His best ‘face’ to date in the rojiblanco team, where in the past year he had already stopped showing that he was a player with two faces.

However, from that month of December, he would not see the door again until the end of January, ten games later. A slump in performance that even took him out of several games as a starter. Suddenly, that leader who seemed at the beginning of the campaign, got into a tunnel from which he has not yet emerged.

And being fair to the young Portuguese talent, his campaign is not being bad. It happens that so much is expected of him that anything seems little, but the reality is that right now he is the third player who has had the most scoring weight in the team. Add seven goals and four assists. They only surpass you frames
Llorente with eight goals and seven goals and Luis Suarez, who has 16 goals and two assists.

It’s more, Joao Felix, is on the way to improving his numbers last season which were nine goals and three assists. It is clear that fans prefer to see the ‘face’ of talent, the imaginative player and at times unstoppable, rather than the ‘face’ of the fuss and irrelevance.


And if you have had two sports faces in this time, the other ‘faces’, those of changes, gestures, anger … have also been present in this year and a half in the Atlético de Madrid. Gestures that at times bring back to mind those of their idolized Christian
Ronaldo, saving the distances, but that somewhat cloud the image that the fans have of him.

It is clear that he is a winner, that he rebounds when things do not work out, but also that those kinds of reactions do not help him. And in a context of precedents as it had, with several episodes like this, what happened in The ceramic adds unnecessary noise to a victory from which only positive things should have come.

In the past year, in his match against him Majorca, the player has already left the field in a bad way. Nothing had come of it, it wasn’t clear if it was anger with himself or with the change. SimeoneConciliatory, he put it down to a physical matter. “He had a blow before the Alaves. You are trying to find your best form. In all the matches he has important chances to convert and we hope that, calmly and calmly, he can find that quality that he has and can score, which is what excites him ”, he pointed out.

But this same season, again, he again starred in a similar image, in the derby against him Real Madrid. The footballer was substituted in the 60th minute and started it with a seat from the Gave
Stefano, in addition to the usual repertoire of bad faces and gestures.

“You would have to ask the one who gets angry. I understand the anger, they would think they could do more. I understand everything because they want to play as much as possible and play the ninety minutes, “he said. Simeone in the middle of a ‘pandemic’ of gestures to which they had joined Saul, Luis Suarez Y frames

Then, Simeone He left a reflection according to what it has to be: “The only thing that works is to serve the team for what it needs. In that place there are many. The other day they entered very well Herrera and Correa, I really appreciate the spirit with which they came out Lodi, Lemar, Torreira… with little time. We want that. It is the only way to play as a team. Soccer is played as a team and we need everyone ”.