The exchange United – Juve removes Pogba and Dybala from Real Madrid

At Real Madrid, it has been known for a long time that in this summer so conditioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, the big signings are parked. Given the economic difficulties that the management of the pandemic has entailed, expenses must be reduced and that is where new tactics appear, such as the exchange of players.

Several had sounded like such to wear white and Madrid, for its part, also had troops like Isco, James or Bale to make them real. However, according to the information coming from Italy, it seems that the whites are now moving away from any business possibility.

At least with two of the players who had sounded for it: Dybal and Pogba who, according to reports from Tuttosport, would be closer to reaching an agreement to change Turin for Manchester. The aforementioned media ensures that both parties, United and Juventus, do not see the barter with bad eyes and neither do the players. Especially Pogba, who would return to what was his home and, furthermore, from the hand of Andrea Pirlo whom he already had a partner in the core and knows well.

Thus, Real Madrid would be left without puncturing or cutting in both cases and Zidane, always with Pogba in his head, could definitively forget what has been his objective during this his second stage in the white team.