The evident physical change of Jesé Rodríguez since he is with Aurah Ruiz

After several comings and goings, it seems that Jesé Rodriguez Y Aurah ruiz they are in their prime. Since they decided six months ago to resume the relationship, the footballer’s life has taken a turn and he is now in a very good stage, enjoying a stability both in his personal and professional life. This tranquility has made the athlete get more involved in your work now that you have signed up for the UD Las Palmas. The canary, who, although he never stopped training, had gained weight, has intensified his training in recent weeks and in just 20 days he has lost the four kilos that were left over.

The evident physical change of Jesé Rodríguez since he is with Aurah Ruiz.

In this way, the former contestant of ‘The Strong House‘And’ influencer ‘has shown the’ haters’ that they had little to do with their partner’s professional decline, as many said in previous stages. On the contrary, there are many who now assure that the television has had a very positive influence on Rodríguez’s life, since since they were given a new opportunity, the footballer is much more focused.

The footballer is very focused on his professional career

The couple has left scandals and controversies behind that so many headlines had made. After passing through the Mediaset ‘reality’, Ruiz has also moved away from the spotlight on television and is focused on his work as an ‘influencer’. The athlete, for his part, is totally devoted to his training routines. His change of attitude has been confirmed even by his coach, Pepe Mel, which highlighted the discipline and the desire with which the canary has come to the team. Of course: he also dedicates part of his time to his Music Career as Jey M.

The pending issues of Jesé Rodríguez

Despite the fact that the footballer is now going through a sweet moment, that does not mean that he has been able to definitively detach himself from the controversy. Just a few weeks ago, Rodríguez He became a father for the fifth time to a girl named Aylén whom he still does not know, as a result of his relationship with the model Janira Barm. In addition, he is immersed in a new legal battle with Melody Santana, mother of her first two children.