The Europe that awaits the Real

Just over two years have passed since the bitter gulp of Salzburg and the Royal is back in the old continent. The txuir urdin team is learning more details about the Europa League that awaits you from October 22. With the dates clear, the last day of the Premier League yesterday threw some of the most attractive rivals that the Txuri Urdin team could find on their way. A journey with a dream horizon: the final in Gdansk (Poland).

The draw on October 2 in Athens will narrow the realistic focus to only three rivals. The left foot of Januzaj at the Wanda Metropolitano, as the culmination of a great season, he has secured an armchair at the event, without having to go through previous rounds. A treasure considering that the three that Granada will have to play will take place on the first three league Thursdays.

La Real will be at a dance that has more and more confirmed guests. Some of bluebells. Authentic continental football classics such as Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen or Feyenoord will accompany the txuri urdin, who at the moment are in the first hype as seeded but who, depending on the teams that end up accessing the draw, could fall to the second.

The Arsenal of Mikel
Arteta He could join, although he needs to win the FA Cup final against Chelsea to seal his ticket after finishing the Premier in eighth position. Should the ‘gunners’ fall, it will be Tottenham who will accompany Leicester, fifth after losing yesterday at home against Manchester United. Wolverhampton, seventh, would play the previous rounds.

Summary of the teams classified for the Europa League

Those of Joseph
Mourinho they will have to go through three qualifying rounds if Arsenal finally lifts the FA Cup. The Glasgow Rangers of Steven
Gerrard or Wolfsburg must follow the same path.

The last two days of Serie A will decide the roadmap for Rome and Milan. The capitals go hand in hand to get a direct place in the group stage. In that case, the “rossoneros” would have to earn their place in the previous ones.

On October 22, the Europa League ball will start to roll for Real. The txuri urdin team will be framed in one of 12 groups of four teams. The two best of each of them, after six days, will reach the round of 32. The phase will end on December 10.

The groups will give up the baton to the direct qualifying round-trip. The 24 classified in the group stage will be joined by the eight third-place finishers from each group in the Champions League. A sieve from which some of the main favorites will surely emerge to conquer the title.

Gdnask still appears as a distant dream but will begin to become palpable when the initial whistle of the competition sounds. To touch glory, Real must add 15 games to their season. Blessed problem.

Much of the sauce involved in Europe lies in the movement of fans to different parts of the continent, but this year everything is different, unfortunately. The current circumstances and the outbreaks in Spain and the rest of European countries suggest that fans, including La Real fans, will not be able to accompany their teams for at least the three trips in the group stage. And that, if something worse is not to be regretted, such as a possible flare-up of the pandemic forcing all football to stop as happened from March to June.

Nothing can be budgeted for now, but almost in the best of scenarios, there could be a displacement of ‘realzales’ for the home game of the round of 32, scheduled for February, if there is already a vaccine and if the Real is between the first two of its group and it is classified, like three years ago. In the retina of the follower txuri urdin there are recent unforgettable adventures such as those of Lyon, Manchester or Salzburg.

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, but so far the schedule remains unchanged. The players are summoned on August 14 to start a preseason that will take place, a priori, in the same sanitary conditions in terms of controls and extraordinary averages as in the last month and a half of ‘Liga express’.

The new Anoeta and its vigorous animation stand have been one of the sensations of LaLiga and contributed to the stadium coming to life every time Real played at home before the coronavirus erupted. The empty stands after the confinement were a detriment to a team that got used to merging its game with the close company of its people to improve the results.

The forecast is that there will be no public in the first matches of the next edition of the Europa League. In any case, it will be the first time that the new Anoeta, released in all its glory in September 2019, hosts a continental match. The txuri urdin squad will have to go far in the second continental competition so that it can be cheered on by its people and a good part of the 39,000 seats that exist today can be occupied.

On the last occasion in which the Royal walked its colors throughout Europe, the stadium was already under construction. It was the 2017/18 season and then he was first disabled and then knocked down the south end, with its corresponding canvas. In fact, for the first match against Rosenborg they installed a provisional stand just behind the goal.

For most ‘earthly’ teams, participation in a European competition usually leads to less performance in the League. La Real has lived it in their meats, but other squads have also suffered it, and they are not used to having to combine three competitions in the same exercise. La Real is going to have to adapt, but an exhaustive study of the ‘ProFootball’ portal indicates that the teams of the League, removed from the equation Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who take part in the European competition have lost on average 2, 24 places in domestic competition the following season for the past 20 years. Counting the whites and the blaugrana, the average is better: 1.64.

The most extreme case, which surely attends to other reasons, is that of Espanyol this past year. The parrots were seventh a year ago, they had to play three previous Europa League heats and this year they were last: they have lost 13 positions.

The Real that in the 2016/17 season achieved its European passport after being sixth was twelfth the next, with the same coach, Eusebio Sacristán.

Villarreal starred in the most extreme case of the last 20 years in the 2011/12 campaign. He finished 18th with Lotina after being fourth the previous year.