The Europa League reports 30 ‘kilos’ to Villarreal

The Europe
League achieved this wednesday by the Villarreal In the final of the competition against Manchester United, he arrives at the yellow club’s showcases with a package of thirty million euros, which is paid for his participation and title in the tournament, including the next European Super Cup.

Apart from what the title means for the club chaired by Fernando Roig, which represents a city of just over 51,000 inhabitants, this income represents a very important percentage compared to the 140 million budget of the entity for this season.

With these thirty million, the club is guaranteed to end the season with a balanced balance of income and expenses, a circumstance that if it had not occurred could have forced the entity to sell an important player to balance accounts.

Before the final, the club was working on the need to compensate for the Conference League’s earnings, which are lower than those of the Europa League, in the face of the new situation of the entity, but the scenario has changed with the obtaining of the title in Gdansk.

The victory in the final, accompanied by the Super Cup in August and the qualification for the next edition of the Champions League has changed the panorama beyond the more than seven million income that have gone on to convert the twenty-three insured before the meeting in the thirty ratified.

In addition, the new scenario in the first continental tournament has led, as its president, Fernando Roig, has considered “a brutal and very important leap” for the entity.

An economic injection that could avoid having to sell

This new reality represents an economic injection that opens Villarreal the option to go one step further when it comes to strengthening the team, since it will allow them to keep their key players and have money to allocate to new incorporations.

Names such as Pau Torres, Alfonso Pedraza or Gerard Moreno were on the table before the final due to the possible interest of other clubs, and to the need for the yellow team to need to adjust its budget, but with the title and the panorama of the next campaign, the perspective has changed.

It should be noted that the club already bet heavily this season with signings such as Pervis Estupiñán (fifteen million), Gero Rulli (six), Francis Coquelin (eight), Dani Parejo (who arrived at no cost but with a raised chip) and Étienne Capoue (two million).

To this must be added the efforts of the past campaign in which 25 million were paid by Paco Alcácer, eight by Rubén Peña, 7.5 million by Javier Ontiveros, four by Raúl Albiol and 1.3 million by Moi Gómez.

With this economic injection, the team can go to the market with a surplus to be able to face a greater expense to improve its team in the face of the demands of the 2021-2022 campaign.