The Eurocup seeks a new king

Forced by the outbreak of the pandemic, the Eurocup it comes to an end a year late. With the continental throne at stake, in Wembley the eternal dream of England with the appetite of a renewed Italy (9:00 p.m.). The hostess has been self-conscious about her own experiences for more than half a century, unable to indulge herself since Sir Bobby Charlton won the World Cup in ’66. The team from Mancini, which has not triumphed in Europe since ’68.

Too long for both of us, looking for a championship that would also serve as a starting point. All England She has been paralyzed since she became a finalist last Wednesday. There is no topic of conversation on the street that does not lead to or Eurocup, excited how are the people with the team of Southgate. Thousands of English flags preside over the facades of many buildings, although the Italian community has also been noted in the capital.

There is so much eagerness to win the Eurocup that in many cases the national interest is put before that of the clubs: “I sign that Crystal Palace will go down to the Championship if England win tonight in Wembley”, A fan dares to say. There is no better phrase that serves to x-ray the moment that the country lives, tired of being upset until the combined of Southgate has matured to reach the European final this summer.

In front wait Italy, who has buried the old conservative label that always accompanied her to become a cheerful team. From the hand of Mancini, who has been able to delegate to Chiellini and in Bonucci, owners of a locker room full of young people like Barella or Chiesa who dream of marking an era. You can’t forget either Jorginho, footballer who channels the game of a Italy that has been opened to the world.

England, on the other hand, it has found success from conservatism. The team is not enthusiastic but from the solidity it has passed all the phases until the final. He has only conceded a direct free kick: “So what, if we don’t play beautifully?” His compatriots repeat, proof that winning is above any question. Southgate He is lucky enough to be able to choose from an army of great footballers, although the only doubt in the eleven is to know if Saka will repeat as the starter or give you the alternative to Grealish or Jadon sancho.

Around 60,000 fans will occupy the stands of a Wembley wanting to sing again that football returns home. Sweet Caroline is another of the lyrics that all English people hum while waiting to celebrate the Eurocup. Italy wants the same. The glory of triumph awaits one. To the other, an indescribable pain.

The footballer of City could not exercise in the last training of England and it’s the big question in Gareth’s summons tonight Southgate: “He has a minor foot injury. Nothing important but tomorrow the medical department will give us more details on whether he is ready to play or not ”, said the coach. Anyway, Foden has not had such a leading role as the one he has had this season with Guardiola. He started the first two group stage games this season. Eurocup and also participated in overtime against Denmark in the semifinals.

Italy will have a reinforcement in the stands: Spinazzola. The left back, who broke his Achilles tendon in front of Belgium, traveled with the rest of the expedition to London to accompany the team in the final of the Eurocup.

The Roma footballer underwent surgery in Finland but he didn’t want to miss a date like this after Bonucci convinced him to be with them: “We wanted him to be with us.” With crutches in tow, Spinazzola will support his friends against England: “I am more excited than before,” he told Sky Sports.

It was one of the revelations of the championship, but misfortune crossed his destiny and he will not be able to play tonight a final as desired as the one his teammates will play: it is full of young people of great quality ”. SpinazzolaHowever, he is not afraid of anything or anyone. He thinks he will take the champion medal of this Eurocup.

Italy – England