The Eurocup alters the future of Risto Mejide in Cuatro

In recent days, political news is serving to consolidate ‘Everything is a lie’ in the afternoons of Cuatro. After a difficult start, the program Risto Mejide has been improving its audiences until reaching a technical tie with its direct competition, ‘Zapeando’ (La Sexta).

However, important changes are coming in the coming months. And is that The European Championship that will be played this summer will mean that most days ‘Everything is a lie’ cannot be broadcast.

Mediaset will offer live all the matches of the competition, which will be held almost daily matches at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. The idea is that the two afternoon games will be broadcast on Cuatro, while the night will be offered by Telecinco, except when Spain plays in the afternoon, which will always be on Telecinco.

In this way, Cuatro’s afternoon programming would jump through the air, leaving out Risto Mejide and his team.

However, everything seems to indicate that Mediaset will not renounce having the publicist, to whom it will offer a program in Cuatro’s prime time.

As reported ‘Ecoteuve’, Mediaset has decided to test a new program that, according to Manuel Villanueva, General Director of Content at Mediaset, it will have nothing to do with Chester, the last program that Mejide conducted in primetime and which is also preparing new installments.