The eternal struggle of Vinicius

One of the big ‘spots’ that were reminded of Zidane at the end of the last campaign in which, yes, he won The league deservedly, was to not give the opportunity to Vinicius to play before him Manchester
City in the Champions

The Frenchman, faithful to his idea, thought it more convenient to bet on the trump card of Eden Hazard and the game ended up taking her Guardiola. It was then that Real Madrid, hungry for the culprits after the defeat, pointed their gaze at the coach’s figure while demanding more minutes for Vinicius.

But then, the footballers, with their boats, went on vacation and everything was forgotten. However now, on the way back to work, the eternal struggle of Vinicius for being more important than Hazard in Zidane’s plans – which is said soon – he returns to the scene. The Brazilian intends to take advantage of the bad physical moment that Hazard is going through to, this time, make a hole in the far left for which he competes with the Belgian.

It is clear that, on paper, Hazard has the upper hand and, in fact, the record shows that, if it is right, Zidane chooses you ahead of the rest. The fact is that, on this occasion, despite the fact that the ‘7’ is ready to attend the call, he is out of shape and has pissed off the fans and the club, a ballot diametrically opposed to Vinicius’.

Third year of evolution

Despite his young age (21 years) Vinicius he will already live what will be his third season at Real Madrid. A year in which the player, who has always been blamed for polishing aspects, is expected to continue growing at a good pace and become what he has been advertising for a long time.

Of course, in all this it will play a determining role Zidane through the opportunities it gives him and, of course, Vinicius himself who, for his part, continues to fight in Valdebebas to get stronger and stronger arguments.