The emotional song of an Atlético fan to Calderón that has gone viral

Atlético de Madrid
It has a community of fans attached to its history, its values. Some fans proud of their sentimental choice and what has made them what they are. And one of those ingredients, without a doubt was the Vicente

The mattress fans continue to long for what for decades was their home. It is part of their own life biography, as people, as fans. Hence, for many, the change was traumatic. And see the images of the stadium being collapsed, the feeling of the mutilation of life itself.

The tributes have been many but even today, three years after the farewell to the mythical stadium, they still come and go viral. It is the case of the great song that the fan has shared @sacris_atm in which his father reinterprets the song of Joaquin
‘Let’s say I speak of Madrid’ with red and white letter.


Here is the lyrics of the beautiful adaptation:

I ask to Sabina your permission,

to sing this song with his music.

TO Dani Martin I also ask you,

when in Madrid cried the Calderón.

Sunday with my parents holding hands,

hat, scarf and flag, I’m going.

Luis puts a ball into space,

there is Win, and scores.

I have thousands of memories from years ago.

My home, my team, my passion.

Melancholic Pyramids my other neighborhood,

where he Vicente

Those of the third amphitheater,

the songs of Front, What a thrill!,

all together in our stadium,

was the spirit of Calderón.

Intercontinental, doublet and other leagues.

Luis, Antic and the Cholo… what a coach!

Koke, Gabi, the mon down the sewer,

He too Boy, and the Pharaoh.

Three years have now passed,

since we said goodbye Calderón.

but it could be another 100 years,

they will always be in our hearts.

The India, Cris, Juanki, Don Eduardo,

Natalia Freire and their hugs,

Mercheli, Cease, all 50, Replicants, Tifomakers

and Sancris ATM, my son.

And with this I say goodbye,

hoping to see us,

in a preview hugging my friends,

ways of living from that …


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