The emotional letter from Rocío Flores to Olga Moreno in ‘Survivors’: ‘I really miss you here’

Olga Moreno he’s had one of his best weeks since he started ‘Survivors 2021‘. Despite having to spend a few more days in Destierro Beach with Tom Brusse and Gianmarco Onestini, the survivor received this week a big surprise after being chosen by the audience to have news from your family.

Specifically, the woman from Antonio David Flores has received a box full of letters and pictures of yours. A gift that has been a motivational kick for the survivor in the final stage of the contest. Through tears, Olga has been reading all the messages from her family, including that of Dew Flowers.

I never imagined that you would have this strength in every sense of your life. There is little left, please hold on”, The daughter of Rocio Carrasco. “I really need you around here. I adore you, always together, your Rory”, Added Rocío Flores. Some words that moved Antonio David’s wife.

Rocío Flores to Olga Moreno: “Winner of life”

We send you all the strength in the world. Stay strong, don’t give up. You can’t imagine how we enjoy seeing you in the tests and the one we make at home when you win. Thank you for all the moments that you are giving us, winner of life”Concluded Antonio David’s daughter, leaving Olga in tears.

Rocío Flores in ‘No man’s land’.

His daughter’s words were not lacking in the box of objects of his loved ones Lola and also of David flores. “Hello Oa, I am your soul child, you are the best survivor in the history of this contest”Rocío Flores’s brother wrote him. “Is that he loves me”, Olga reiterated to her colleagues after reading the message.

Rosa, Olga Moreno’s sister, has been to Honduras to visit

In addition to the letters and photographs, Olga also enjoyed this week the visit from a relative. In your case, it has been your sister rose who has traveled to Honduras to spend a few hours with her. “I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it. If it is my Rosita, my sister girl. He is one of the most beautiful people there is. Rosita, what are you doing here? I just don’t believe it. I am in shock”, Said Olga when she met her sister during the program‘No man’s land’Of this Wednesday.

Olga Moreno received a visit from her sister Rosa in 'Survivors'.

Olga Moreno received a visit from her sister Rosa in ‘Survivors’.

Rosa, for her part, said she was very proud of her sister’s contest. “Brutal, incredible, we knew he was strong, but he has exceeded expectations at level ten. The mental strength he has is incredible, it is his best ability. I was not surprised because I know her, but the mental strength she has, the stamina … is to applaud her“, He said.