The emotional dedication of Neymar to his dead friend during the celebration of the cup

Neymar Jr. is living a bittersweet moment where they exist. The Brazilian proclaimed himself French cup champion this Wednesday after winning (0-2) against Monaco. A moment of immense happiness that was somewhat clouded by the bad news that I received just a few days ago: the death of his friend, the singer Kevin Nascimento.

For this reason, the PSG attacker wanted to have a emotional memory with his compatriot during the celebration of the title. Neymar posed with a shirt printed with a photo of the singer and the message “The boy who conquered the favela.”

Let us remember that the artist died at dawn this Saturday, supposedly, after being caught in the middle of infidelity. Apparently, his wife (who was staying at the same hotel) came to the room where Kevin was with a model and a friend and he decided to jump out the window.

Logically, Nascimento could not resist the trauma suffered after falling from the fifth step and, although he did not lose his life at the time, he did so when he arrived at the hospital.

However, the investigation is still open and the real causes of this terrible event are still unknown. Kevin He was only 23 years old and had been married just a week ago in an impressive ceremony in Mexico.