The Ellas League, the professional women’s football competition, is born

Within the framework of the CSD sports complex, Irene Lozano, president of the highest sports body, together with Carmen Calvo, Vice President of the Government, have presented the Liga Ellas, the new professional league for women’s football.

They have done it in an act in which a large part of the presidents of the current one have attended Iberdrola League and players from different teams. Beyond the announcement, the most emotional moment of the act has been the recognition on the return of Virginia Torrecilla to football after having overcome a cancer that has received applause from those present.

Collaborative project

As for the new women’s league, Irene Lozano has revealed the main keys of a project that will be organized by the clubs themselves and in which there will be a tutelage of the highest sports body of the government for about three years.

It will consist of 16 teams and the intention is that the model be copied for the women’s sections of other sports such as basketball or handball.

Regarding the television operators in charge of broadcasting the competition so far, Irene Lozano has commented that “she is in contact with all the operators” especially with MediaPro with whom there is “a very good disposition”.

Finally, Irene Lozano has revealed that the new League will have its own foundation called the Liga Ellas Foundation that will serve to connect the social cause with the sports one.