The electoral Board validates the candidacy of Florentino Pérez for the presidency of Real Madrid

The electoral board of Real Madrid has validated this Friday the candidacy of Florentino Pérez, current president of the club, to opt for re-election, in elections that were called on April 2 and that, if there is more than one candidate, could be held in May.

The candidacy of Florentino Pérez, So far the only arrival before the electoral board, has been presented in person by Eduardo Fernández de Blas, current vice president of the club and representative of the presidential candidacy of “partner D. Florentino Pérez Rodríguez”, according to the entity.

Likewise, it is indicated that “the pertinent documentation of the candidacy has been presented: – Presentation document; List of the members that make up the candidacy with the signature and express acceptance of each and every one of them; and the electoral program that is received with an entry stamp dated April 9, 2021 ”.

The electoral board also specifies that the candidacy of the current president “no bank pre-guarantee is claimed as it is not obliged to do so In accordance with the provisions of Law 10/1990 of October 15 on Sports and Royal Decree 1251/1999 of July 16 on sports limited companies, as expressly stated in the third section letter B) of the certification issued to this Electoral Board, by the legal director of the National Professional Soccer League, Ms. María José López Lorenzo ”.

Therefore, “having examined in detail said candidacy submitted on time and meeting all the requirements of the current electoral regulations and other applicable legal provisions,” the electoral board for the presidency and board of directors of Real Madrid, has indicated that “unanimously proclaim valid the candidacy presented ”.

Members, with more than 20 years of seniority and providing a guarantee of 15% of the total budget for the current season, who want to attend the presidential elections have until April 12 to present their candidacy, after which, if accepted, would determine the specific date of the elections.

If there is not more than one candidate, as has already happened in the last three re-elections by Florentino Pérez, would be proclaimed as president between April 13 and 15.