The ECA warns that “many clubs are in a critical situation”

The general secretary of the European Association of Clubs (ECA), Michele Centenaro, assured that many clubs are “in a critical situation” financially due to the coronavirus pandemic and that many of them have notified them that they are experiencing liquidity problems due to the cessation of its activity.

“In the association we have 236 members from 55 European countries and we have received many messages and requests from clubs with really critical situations. And this uncertainty makes everything more difficult. There is a great request for liquidity, the distribution of UEFA funds has been a breath of fresh air, but a high number of clubs are trying to reduce their costs and losses, “Centenaro explained in a video conference organized by Soccerex.

Clubs and players, hand in hand

The executive of the association that links the main clubs of the Old Continent assured that teams and players are “in the same boat”, since if there are no competitions that has “an impact for all types of clubs”, both large and they suffer the fall of the television rights, like those of quarry, because the value of their players “falls dramatically”.

“Each club looks at their survival and they need certainties. It is important to resume football, try to finish the competitions, from a point of view of sporting merit, whenever possible. And then there will be time for bigger questions,” Centenaro said during a debate. in which representatives of the FIFPro players union and the European Leagues participated.

For the secretary general of the ECA, the schedules of international football will have to be reorganized when the pandemic ends.

Re-adapt the calendar

“I think we will have to rewrite the European calendar to adapt to the crisis and this will affect the international calendar. FIFA will have to see how it reorganizes the calendars, with the Euro Cup (postponed to 2021) and the World Cup (Qatar 2022) as the two points fundamental “, added Centenaro

The ECA executive participated in this Soccerex debate by videoconference with the President of the European Soccer Leagues, Lars-Christer Olsson; the general secretary of the FIFPro union, Jonas Baer-Hoffman; and the CEO of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros.

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