The Duke of Alba on his children’s wedding: ‘They are both sold’

The Duke of Alba, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, has been very happy this Tuesday with the marriage of his young son, which was held last weekend: “They are both sold”, He has said with humor about his two married children.

With this comment, the Duke of Alba referred to the wedding of his son, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, which this weekend He married Belén Corsini in the Liria Palace and that of his eldest son, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, Duke of Huéscar, who also married in that same place in 2018.

“And the buyers?” They have asked him in reference to his two daughters-in-law. “I really like the shoppers, the daughters-in-law are great. I have been very lucky with them“, has said.

Regarding the event, the Duke of Alba pointed out that “it went very well, it was not hot at all.”

The Duke of Alba made these statements during the presentation of an exhibition dedicated to Empress Eugenia de Montijo, which celebrates the Liria Palace, which has been permanently converted into a museum since 2019.

As the Duke of Alba himself has pointed out to the assembled media, he has already received the coronavirus vaccine.