The dressing room points to Gil Manzano

It goes without saying that the Atlético de Madrid ended up visibly angry with the performance of Gil Manzano in the game against him Seville that he ended up losing by a goal that should never have gone up on the scoreboard.

But beyond the decisive position of the Extremaduran referee in the goal of Acuna, the feeling of helplessness before the refereeing spread throughout the game actually. The rojiblancos ironically point out “that they were unlucky” with the refereeing, which is like really saying that there was a certain predisposition against them.

But what is the referee accused of in the mattress dressing room? To start with the goal itself, of course. Without that play, the game would have ended in a draw at the very least. It came just as the Athletic was better in the game, when he finally approached the goal of Bond and the Seville it seemed more just of forces.

Regardless of the fact that those who justify that the VAR did not enter to review the play by the new interpretation of actions of this nature, in the Athletic squeaks that the referee, facing the play in which Ocampos stick out his arm to avoid a pass from Trippier that derives in the recovery that ends in the goal, do not throw the blatant hand. The Extremaduran was not covered by anyone, he saw it perfectly. It was a play that left no room for doubt and that was key. Why didn’t you point it out?

It is clear that, watching the game of SevilleThat the Extremaduran was facing the play was not a guarantee of anything because during the second half there was another action that raised blisters. “There has been a clear hand of Diego Carlos when Marcos Llorente placeholder image he leaves and it was the second yellow … “, he lamented Koke at the end of the crash.

And it is that, indeed, the central sevillista finished the party when it should not have done it with the regulation in the hand. Already before that play, another card had been played with an entry to Lewis
Suarez. It could also have been the second. By the way, a play that ended, coincidences of life, with the discussion between Acuna and Luis Suarez what served Gil Manzano to show the Uruguayan yellow and make him miss next weekend’s game against him Betis

And since everything is interconnected, that same play that he complained about Koke, in which Diego Carlos he should have been sent off for cutting off a dangerous play with his hand, he ended Llorente’s claim that also cost him a yellow that will cause him to lose, like his forward teammate, the game of the Benedict
Villamarin. The circle was closing.

And, once again, the issue of reprimands weighed on the future of the game. The Seville, with 13 fouls, two more than Atlético, finished with two cards. While the rojiblancos finished with four. One of them for protesting, Llorente’s. Another for the exchange of words of Suarez with Acuna. One, by an entry from Felipe. And the rest, for a minimum contact of Kondogbia with a rival … which will also cost him a penalty.