The dream of the Williams in Athletic has a second part

Iñaki and Nico saw a dream come true on Wednesday at San Mamés against Valladolid. The Williams brothers played together for the first time at Athletic. Now they are missing the second part: “Being a lethal couple.”

“My brother’s dream and mine go hand in hand: we want to play together in the first team and be a lethal couple. We have not wanted to contract him until now because my brother is different from me and his head was still going away. It’s very difficult to control all that for such a young kid. “

Iñaki Williams he spoke in this way about his brother Nico in an interview with MD in June of last year
. The youngest of the family had just signed a new contract with Athletic after finishing his youth career. Then a game with Basconia, the jump to Bilbao Athletic and his debut as a lion last Wednesday against Valladolid.

The eldest of the Williamses was very clear from before what was the common dream of the family. His role as an older brother did not go unnoticed either. The way of constantly resorting to the first person plural in that interview to refer to Nico’s own matters was revealing enough.

“Now that it is a little more mature; You can already tell him things, talk to him, trust him and the truth is that he is a man. He has won that they make him a good contract and if we decide to sign, it is because he has deserved it. We are getting closer and closer to being able to play together ”, Iñaki remarked.

Curious, by the way, how the first family dream came true. Nico replaced Berenguer being Iñaki, one of the usual fixed in the alignments of Marcelino, still on the bench. Valladolid’s first draw, the provisional 1-1, accelerated events. The older one came in ten minutes later than the younger, and the first part of the Williams’ dream came true. Now is the second and perhaps the most complicated: be a lethal partner.