The drama of Chenoa’s biological father: ‘If one day I sell three or four masks, like’

Troubled month for Chenoa. On March 2, the Mallorcan received the news of the death of Alex Casademunt, who was his partner in the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’. Just a few weeks later, the singer had to face some statements from her biological father for the magazine ‘Semana’.

Every fan of the former ‘OT’ contestant knows that her relationship with her biological father is null. Many times, Chenoa he has had to confront some words spoken by his father. On this occasion, José Carlos Corradini has spoken with the magazine ‘Semana’ to tell about the bad times he is living because of the pandemic.

Chenoa in a file photo.

Resident in Buenos Aires, has assured that “I have a retirement that does not reach 100 dollars. If one day I sell three or four masks, that day I eat ”, he explained, appealing to his daughter, although he adds that“ my daughter is not going to be moved by my situation. He has four more blood siblings apart from Sebastián and he never wanted to recognize them ”.

Although he explains that “my daughter Chenoa I save her because she has a heart of gold. What it does not do is because they do not let it, they do not allow it. She doesn’t want to hurt the people she loves, her mother, her living father, her brother, her sister-in-law, and her nephews. He doesn’t want to hurt them, because he has a big heart. If I were a bad person I would act with them the same as with me.