The doubts after the stoppage of Janssen: how many doses stop reaching Spain? What age groups does it affect?

Health has already notified the autonomous communities that they will not receive the Janssen vaccine this Wednesday as scheduled. After the stoppage in the distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19 of the American pharmaceutical company, the challenge now resides in continue with a vaccination rhythm that had been breaking records in recent weeks.

And it is that Spain closed the last week having administered more than two million doses throughout the country after accelerating the vaccination campaign. Currently, and according to the latest Health data, the 6.55% of the population is already fully immunized, while 16.18% have received at least one dose.

The current strategy revolved around the forecast of receive the first batch of the vaccine this Wednesday. A plan that, for the moment, has been suspended after the six “rare” cases of thrombi registered among the 6.8 million immunized with this serum in the United States; and while possible links between these reactions and the US pharmaceutical vaccine are being analyzed.

Who was to be inoculated with this serum?

This single dose It was going to be aimed at people between 70 and 79 years old, and some communities have already advanced that they would use it for patients with reduced mobility to facilitate management.

How many Janssen vaccines were going to arrive in Spain?

The pharmaceutical company had begun on Monday to deliver the first remittances to the different countries of the European Union, in order to distribute a total 55 million doses between April and June.

They were going to arrive in Spain “this Wednesday first thing in the morning,” according to the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias. Specifically, it was going to have 300,000 doses that would be distributed among the autonomous communities throughout the week. In addition, the plan was that, during this second quarter of the year, they would add up to 5.5 million doses.

What does this stoppage mean?

With the aim of having 70% of the population immunized by the end of the summer, the Ministry of Health was going to add a fourth serum this Wednesday a la carte of vaccines that are being administered today in Spain (AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna).

This was going to be a great boost in the rate of vaccination because, apart from including one more serum to immunize the population, Janssen’s only requires a single dose; a factor that was going to speed up the process considerably.

Therefore, this change will affect the plan that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, had shelled out, counting on administering 3.5 million weekly doses of the four vaccines between now and August. Thus, in the following months, the objective was to have the following vaccinated with a complete schedule:

  • 5th of April: 2.8 million
  • Week of May 3: 5 million
  • First week of June: 10 million
  • June 14th: 15 million
  • July 19: 25 million
  • End of August: 33 million
Dates of the vaccination schedule.
Dates of the vaccination schedule.
Carlos Gamez

How many doses did the communities plan to receive?

The news will force Health and the autonomous communities to restructure the strategy so that it affects the roadmap as little as possible.

The Valencian Community, for example, it has already advanced that it will continue to vaccinate as planned and will inoculate a total of 213,000 doses against Covid-19 during this week (from April 12 to 18). They will, as confirmed this Tuesday by the Ministry of Health, with the other vaccines they already have, and despite not having received 15,600 doses of Janssen that were destined for the Community.

The rest of the autonomous governments have not yet commented on the matter or have advanced changes in the plan after the stoppage of this vaccine, which was to reach various territories this week:

  • TO Andalusia they were going to arrive on Thursday 26,150 Janssen vaccines.
  • Catalonia received on Wednesday the first 24,000 dose of this serum.
  • To Madrid’s community they corresponded 20,900 dose to be administered to patients who are immobilized and have not yet received another vaccine.
  • Galicia I had planned to receive 8,500, which was also going to be destined for the group of sailors, since as it is a single dose it is “very easy to use”.
  • On Castile and Leon expected to receive a first consignment of 7,400 doses they wanted to start injecting on Thursday.
  • Basque Country I was going to receive the first 6,850 dose.
  • Cantabria about 6,000.
  • TO Canary Islands they were going to arrive 6,000 vaccines.
  • Also Castilla la Mancha I was planning to receive some 6,000 dose.
  • The Murcia region he hoped to acquire his first 4,900.
  • Aragon I already had the arrival of 4,100.
  • Balearics I was going to receive the first 3,600 doses.
  • Asturias I had planned to acquire some 3,100.
  • TO Estremadura they were going to be destined 3,000.
  • Navarre I was going to receive this first week more than 2,000 dose.
  • TO Cantabria they corresponded 1,800 dose in the first batch.
  • Melilla received this Wednesday the first 250 dose of the vaccine.

What steps will be taken now?

“We are prepared to receive the vaccine,” said the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in the control session to the Government in the Senate this Wednesday. “In relation to Janssen, the United States has established a pause. We are looking forward to it., the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products is in permanent contact with the European Medicines Agency. We are prepared to receive the vaccine, “he assured.

Everything will depend on the verdict of the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English), which has already started an investigation into the cases of thromboembolism detected, although it points out that “It is currently unclear if there is a causal association” between the vaccine and these conditions.