The detail that would confirm the reconciliation between Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja

Last August, Kiko rivera he dynamited every relationship with his mother. The DJ sat on the set of ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance’ to explain that he had discovered some objects from his late father that Isabel claimed had been stolen.

After that, the family war had only just begun. All the members of the Pantoja clan have positioned themselves between Kiko and her mother, becoming Anabel Pantoja placeholder image one of the most splashed.

Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera.

But, when it seemed that their paths were more than separated, a detail has set off all the alarms about a possible reconciliation. Kiko Hernández, in the last broadcast of ‘Save me‘He explained that it seems they are closer to making amends. “They stopped following and this morning the miracle has taken place, they have made peace, at least on social networks,” explained the collaborator of the Telecinco space.

Even if Anabel Pantoja placeholder image He explained that it is not his aunt who runs her own social networks, his partner explained that “he will know what he is doing, something as important as following his son …”.