The detail of Mourinho with a Macedonian journalist

Joseph Mourinho has starred in a beautiful anecdote in his last press conference. A Macedonian journalist addressed the technician of the Tottenham to ask him something about the journalist’s father, who had recently passed away. Mou was struck by that issue and had no problem agreeing to take a photo with the journalist as a souvenir of his father.

“I have to ask you something from my father. Greetings from my father who is in Heaven “asked the journalist, who added that” on one occasion, when my father was already ill, he told me that if one day I had the opportunity to see Mourinho I asked him to take a picture of me with you because he (your father) always raised me as looking at you. If you allow me to take a picture of you, I will frame it and put it in the place of your eternal rest, as long as the game for you and the team goes well. Will you let me do it?

Mourinho He was somewhat surprised but answered in the affirmative. “Thank you very much. The photo has nothing to do with the result. That is done. If you can come to the hotel before the game it may be easier and if it is after, it is after, nothing to do with the result. The pleasure will be mine for taking that photo with you. An honor and a respect for your father who felt that towards me. I don’t deserve it but I appreciate it ”, concluded Mou.