The decision on the new format of the Champions, postponed to April

The new format for Champions League As of 2024 it is pending ratification and the initial plan was due to the fact that it was carried out this Wednesday, during the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee, but ultimately it won’t be like that.

According to the latest information, it is postponed to April 19 and the reason is none other than how the commercial and broadcasting rights will be sold with the new format that will adapt the maximum continental club competition has not yet been specified.

The plans for the new format include an expansion from 32 to 36 teams in the group stage of the Champions. Instead of eight groups with six days, there would be six groups with a total of 10, to later move on to a joint classification of the 36 participants. At that time, the top eight finishers would go straight into the round of 16, waiting for opponents who would come out of the knockout rounds among those who have finished between 9th and 16th place against those who have occupied from 17th to 24th.

Of the 125 games currently being played, it would go to 209, with the relevant increase in income that this circumstance would entail.