The daughters of Julio Iglesias, Cristina and Victoria, celebrate their 20 years with their most intimate photos

They are two of the most beautiful and famous young women in our pink panorama. The sisters Cristina and Victoria, the twin daughters of singer Julio Iglesiace and the dutch ex-model Miranda rijnsburg
erThey have turned 20 years old this May 1, an anniversary in which they have taken the opportunity to show their most personal photo album on social networks.

And, of course, they have made their fans fall in love with some images to frame, in which they highlight all the splendor of their beauty and where you can see that they have inherited the sensuality and glamor of their mother.

Both have sent mutual congratulations on Instagram, where they have become true influencers by accumulating tens of thousands of followers.

“20 years with this amazing person, I couldn’t imagine life without you. I love you infinitely ”, he has written Victoria Churchs to his sister Cristina. Along with the congratulations, Victoria has shared with his followers an image in which he poses in a very affectionate attitude with his sister, a common gesture judging by the many photographs of his childhood that he has published in the same post.

In them you can see how throughout all these years both sisters have been inseparable.