The ‘cycle of five’ by Luis Aragonés

As I am a huge rock fan, I compare this momentous week to the Atlético de Madrid with the mythical eighties song “The Final Countdown”. Both by the name of the song, which translates as “The final countdown” and by the name of the group: Europe. Europe. The moment of truth has arrived in the maximum continental competition.

Tomorrow the Athletic has a very final in Austria. It is true that no one expected to see us at this point deciding the pass to the last 16 on the last day. But football is like that, capricious and unfair like life itself. We more than deserved to beat Lokomotiv in both games, but the damn ball didn’t want to go in. We were also able (and deserved) to seal the pass against him Bayern Munich last week, but again fortune was not on our side with that penalty a few minutes from the end. We are worth a draw in Salzburg but I am sure that we will return to Madrid with the victory. This Atleti only knows how to win. If there is an expert team in walking on the wire, that’s us: last year we also resolved the pass to the last 16 on the last day.

The moment of truth is not only for the Champions League game, but also for the league. After the life or death match in the Champions League, another final awaits us on Saturday at the Alfredo Di Stefano against the eternal rival. We will arrive at the meeting with the best championship numbers: leaders with two games less, undefeated and with the least beaten goal in the major leagues. Regarding the white set, we arrived six points ahead of them with one game less. A victory against a very direct rival like them would be a very strong blow on the table, both in terms of points, and above all moral. The week will also be just as momentous for the meringues, who are playing the pass to the second round and cutting an important distance in the championship, so it will be a very final for both. I will have the privilege of being invited as La Liga ambassador to the meeting. The first game I will see in a stadium after a long, long time. I can’t think of a better occasion to watch football live again than a Madrid derby in which both teams play so hard.

But the moment of truth does not end here either. On December 22 we will face a Real society in a state of grace and a great contender for the championship. Previous passage through the matches of Elche in league and Cardassar in Copa del Rey. I already told you how the great Luis Aragones He used to pose the matches in cycles to motivate us. “Gentlemen, we are going to enter a cycle of X games from which we have to get at least X points / wins.” If he were in the locker room now, he would surely say “Gentlemen, we are entering the most important 5-game cycle of the season. Salzburg, Real Madrid, Cardassar, Elche and Real Sociedad. Everything that has been done so far does not matter at all. We enter a cycle of 5 games in which only 5 wins are worth us “.

The final countdown is about to end and both I and the fans trust more than ever that the great Cholo and our cracks will emerge victorious from the cycle of five of the Sabio de Hortaleza. In the words of Don Luis: Win, win, win, win and win again!