The curse of Touré’s agent on Pep

After Manchester City’s defeat in the Champions League final against Chelsea last Saturday in Porto (0-1), once again there were those who remembered the curse that Dimitri Seluk, representative of Touré Yaya, threw on Pep Guardiola when the media Ivorian coast left the ‘citizen’ club.

Very outraged with the City coach when Touré Yaya, who he already had under his command at Barcelona, ​​left the English club, Seluk said in 2018: “Guardiola managed to turn all of Africa against him. I am sure that many African shamans will do everything possible so that Guardiola does not win the Champions League. This will be an African curse for Guardiola. The boomerang will return, Pep. You will see what African shamans can do ”.

Every time City is eliminated, the words of Touré Yaya’s representative come up. Seluk even published a tweet about the curse when in the last edition of the Champions League, Pep Guardiola’s team was out of the tournament after losing 1-3 against Lyon in the quarterfinals.

Touré Yaya, who retired in 2020, played for Barcelona between 2007 and 2010, to then join City, where he acted until 2018. He had Guardiola as coach in the 2009-10 season at Barcelona and between 2016 and 2018 in the City. The agent of the Ivorian coast exploded with these statements due to the bad relationship of his client and his own with Pep.