The curious nickname that Georgina Rodríguez has given Cristiano Ronaldo

The model Georgina rodriguez, who is very active on social networks, has resorted to her Insagram profile, in which she has more than 23.9 million followers, to share a capture of her partner the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo during a workout with the Juventus of Turin.

“Zeus”, the young woman just wrote next to the snapshot, thus revealing the nickname she has given the Portuguese. In addition, the Spanish-Argentine also placed an emoticon of a crown on the head of the forward.

Recently, Georgina rodriguez has spent a few days off in Monaco, on the spectacular yacht of Cristiano Ronaldo, and from there he has shared several captures that have accumulated millions of ‘likes’.

“They told me about it and I forgot it, I saw it and I understood it. I did it and I learned it #goodnight ”, was the reflection he shared in a‘ post ’in which he appears posing on the deck of the ship.