The Cup ended up being a gin and tonic


Essential video for fans of La Real. Impossible not to escape a tear of emotion and memory. The txuri urdin club has published the film of the final of the Copa del Rey won in Seville against Athletic, from the massive game in Zubieta to the arrival in praise of the crowds. The peak moment comes when, in full celebration, the trophy itself becomes a gigantic gin and tonic from which the protagonists load their glasses, once filled with a few bottles of gin and tonic.

The trumpet solo of Illarramendi singing the hymn Txuri Urdin, but not that the companions asked him for another. He composed the start of the big party at the hotel, together with the president’s ‘speech’ Aperribay, in this case with a microphone -not like in A Coruña in 2013-, in which he thanked the players for “being as you are” and “true professionals.” Already the arrival at the hotel was tremendous and also the first hug from the staff to the relatives who had moved. Imanol he merged with his two sons and his wife.

Photos of the documentary about the triumph of Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey

Aritz discovered his most humorous face and explained to the cook Johnny
Porto how to make the huge combo imitating the actor Jesus Vidal, great fan txuri urdin.

On the previous glorious trip on the bus, the March of San Sebastián was sung, with Luca
Sangalli as master of ceremonies, and Queen’s ‘We are the champions’, although very few knew the words. The most striking thing was the dance, unclassifiable, of Alex
Remiro. Before getting on the coach, those who gave themselves to the dance were Aritz elustondo and a possessed
Monreal to the rhythm of ‘My big night’ by Raphael.

Sheriff is kept by the jugadires
Sheriff is kept by the jugadires

“Winning was this”

The occasion deserved it. La Real had won the Cup 34 years later. Already on the lawn, the passion was unleashed. “Winning was this,” he snapped Olabe to Imanol in full embrace. “We have to continue,” replied the coach. Oyarzabal, unable to suppress crying, invited Illarramendi to go up to receive the Copa del Rey: “Zu igoko zea”, “you are going to go up”: And the ‘4’ went up with help and barely went down, after receiving the encouragement of his colleagues, who dedicated their song as they jumped in sheer euphoria. “How beautiful the Cup is!” Was heard from the podium as the captain raised it to the sky. “I have cried like a small child,” he confessed Monreal. Before Imanol it had been dangerously kept.

Photos of the documentary about the triumph of Real Sociedad in the King's Cup Isak Zubeldia Le Normand Sangalli
Photos of the documentary about the triumph of Real Sociedad in the King’s Cup Isak Zubeldia Le Normand Sangalli

Human tide on leaving

The first emotions of the displacement came when the players saw the human tide that came to Zubieta to say goodbye to them. Visibly impressed, they struck the glass from within and Imanol he clenched his fists to acknowledge the support. There was also a reception at the airport.

Portu and Zaldua, impressed by the massive presence of the public at the game
Portu and Zaldua, impressed by the massive presence of the public at the game

Once in Seville, each player and each coach wanted to find the flag of their town in the hotel lounge. In the dining room Ayesa Y Moya they were honored for their birthday and the footballers read some of the messages of encouragement written by the fans.

“We want to make history”

On the way to training, Imanol, in a small talk in petit committee with Illarramendi, he snapped in Basque: “We want to make history and enter history.” It was foreboding. The captain was the protagonist of the training. There are no images of his traumatic injury, but of his conversation with Muniain and with Marcelino, who tried to console him: “I’m lame whole,” he informed his rojiblanco counterpart. To the mutrikuarra, to whom he went down Olabe from the field to horseback, tears of pain escaped him at dinner, when he spoke with the president Aperribay. He was going to miss the most important game of his career.

Monreal and Barrenetxea celebrate the title
Monreal and Barrenetxea celebrate the title

Already on the day of the final, Imanol he tried to reassure his pupils in the talk: “If anyone has doubts, today I slept like a fucking mother.” During the game, the coach was a bundle of nerves, perhaps because of this he did not even celebrate the goal of Oyarzabal. The substitutes, managers and realistic staff did, in a big way in the stands.

How beautiful is the Cup!