The CTA ‘does not get involved’ but launches a letter to Atlético for the non-expulsion of Lemar

They do not get involved but they do … and in between they send a little message to the
Atlético de Madrid
for what may come in the future, once the title fight of The league it’s so tight. And especially when the mattress team complained on several occasions, in the first campaigns, of the lack of criteria when applying video refereeing.

And all, on account of the controversial play that left the game that Atlético played a few days ago in Castellon, before him Villarreal. In it, a set of the game ended with a blow between Lemar Y Capoue, in which the player of the yellow box claimed a red card because the rojiblanco had hit him in the face.

A move that, in the opinion of From Burgos Bengoechea it was only yellow. And it was after being reviewed on the VAR screens, once Estrada Fernandez, the reviewer did understand that it was red.

Now, the president of the Referees Technical Committee of the RFEF, Carlos Velasco Carballo, at the press conference offered in the preview of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, noted that they respect the decision but sent a message

“It is a wonderful play. The referee goes to see her on the monitor. Once he sees her on the monitor, he disagrees with his partner and for him that play is not red and is a yellow card. So perfect. He turns around, makes a gesture and for him that is yellow. Get a yellow card, make the decision and sensational. Now, later, we have to analyze, as the Technical Referees Committee, who has made the correct decision. We do this analysis, we debate with our team and we say: ‘Guys, for us this is red and this should be the criterion to follow,’ Velasco Carballo explained during his appearance.