The Cruïlla recovers the precovid sensations, without distances or queues

Hugging each other, with arms raised, chanting the songs and jumping, the 18,000 attendees of the first day of the Cruilla the fact of being the first to enjoy a festival without distances or queues since the beginning of the pandemic.

Finding the formula has not been easy, but finally the Cruilla has found a way to recover the sensations of the precovid festivals, without subjecting the public to long lines to pass the previous antigen test, as happened at Canet Rock and at the Vida festival.

The urban sounds of Señor Wilson, Rayden, Lágrimas de Sangre and Natos y Waor have opened a first day of the Cruilla historical, not only for being the first massive festival in Europe without distances or queues, but also for having managed to reopen the Barcelona Forum site to music, after almost two years.

Before the pandemic, the Forum welcomed 60,000 people every day during Primavera Sound, and then came the Cruilla, more modest, with 25,000 a day.

Now him Cruïlla It is the largest of the festivals that will be seen this summer in the Forum, after the cancellation of Primavera for the second consecutive year.

Despite being a smaller event than Primavera, Cruilla has had serious problems to be held and has teamed up with the Foundation to Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases to obtain the endorsement of the Generalitat.

The musician Kase O. Jazz Magnetism during his performance this Thursday at the Cruïlla festival

He has finally managed to create a bubble of 18,000 attendees this Thursday, all of them with a negative result in the antigen test, on the least crowded day of this festival, which tomorrow and the day after he hopes to attract 25,000 people every day.

The Forum It has been transformed into a space of freedom where the public has almost forgotten the restrictions of the pandemic, although not totally because the mask is mandatory throughout the premises, except in the restaurant area.

To avoid the unfortunate images seen at the Canet Rock and Vida festivals, the organizers of the Cruilla they have fenced off the esplanades in front of the stages and have not allowed the public to enter with food or drink.

In addition, the staff hired by the festival has drawn attention at all times to those who tried to remove the mask at concerts and almost everyone has complied.

There are always exceptions, but most have accepted the lesser evil of the mask in exchange for being able to do things forbidden until now, such as the one they have been asked to do. Rayden.

“We are going to do something that we have not been able to do so far on our tour,” he said, “put one arm around the shoulders of the person on your left, now put the other arm around the shoulders of the people on your right, and now jump! ”.

Not everyone who had a ticket for the Cruïlla have been able to jump at the concert tonight Rayden hugging their friends, because those who have tested positive for antigens have been left out.

Of the 13,000 people who had passed through the screening area at 9:00 p.m., 123 had a positive result, a figure that reflects the growth of infections among young people, who are the majority public at mass festivals, because in Canet Rock, which was held last Saturday, the figures were lower: of 22,330 tested, 152 tested positive.

The infections are going up and the immediate future is not promising, but the 18,000 people who have gathered this Thursday at the festival Cruilla They have lived with enthusiasm the mirage of a world without covid, especially when the king of the party, Kase.O, has come on stage, which has closed a night of euphoria.