The Cradle of Champions grows: 95 drivers from 11 countries

La Cuna de Campeones, the motorcycling school of Circuit Ricardo Tormo, continues to grow every year and this season brings together a total of 95 riders from eleven different nationalities divided into six categories.

The largest international representation is Portuguese and German, with seven drivers from each country, followed by four Polish drivers, two Americans and a representative for Thailand, Andorra, Holland, France, England and Ireland, according to the Circuit.

Among these six categories, there are 25 riders in Minimotos, 22 in MiniGP110, 32 in Moto5, three in Moto4, nine in Promo3 and four in the Hawkers European Talent Cup of the FIM CEV Repsol, according to the Circuit.

The seven Portuguese drivers are Lucas Gaspar, Miguel Luis Henrique, Oliver Cantos, Vasco César Fonseca, Gonçalo Dias Capote, Pedro Valera de Matos and Martim Marco Ramos and the Germans Ole Saeuberlich, Raul Klaus, Colin Friba, Kristoffer Konig, Lars Weissensee, Ben Wiegner and Mika Siebdrath.

The four Poles are Maksymilian Palmowski, Robin Siegert, Igor Teske and Jeremiasz Wojciechowski, two Americans Kensei Matsudaira and Mikey Sánchez, the Thai Tanutchanon Sripetchsuwan, the Andorran Eric Da Silva Coelho, the Dutchman Jayant Chote, the French Elliot Kassigian, the Englishman Kyle and Irishman Casey O’Gorman. These are the foreign riders who are currently in the training process while, this year, 19 riders who have gone through the school participate in the motorcycling world championships, in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP like Pedro Acosta , who leads the Moto3 World Championship, Raúl Fernández, who in his first year in Moto2 is one point behind the first classified and, in MotoGP, Joan Mir, who defends the title of world champion.