The Court ratifies the restraining order of ‘El Cigala’ towards his ex-partner

Severe setback for Diego ‘El Cigala‘. The Court of Gender Violence He has ratified the restraining order that was imposed on the musician against his wife. Despite being free of charges on June 18, a restraining order was established with respect to his ex-partner, Dolores Ruiz Mendez, after a complaint of continued physical and psychological abuse.

‘The Cigala’ You will have to pay 1,200 euros to your children in order to guarantee their proper maintenance. In addition, the court has declared that “El Cigala” will not be able to take his children, nor will he stay to sleep with them.

‘El Cigala’ was arrested on June 10 at a hotel on Atocha street in Madrid. His ex-partner accused him of physical and psychological violence during the last two years. Both lived in Jerez, and it was not until just less than a month that the case became known.

Kina Méndez, his ex-partner, denounced ‘El Cigala’ before the Jerez National Police station, and from there the request was sent to Madrid, where the singer was immediately arrested, who was staying in a hotel in La Atocha street.

He spent the night at the police station and was later transferred to Moratalaz where the search was carried out. She testified before the Courts of Violence against Women number 7 of Madrid. Hours later, he was released without charges or precautionary measures, assuring that no charges had been imposed on him and maintaining that he was “happy, very happy.”

‘El Cigala’ relates the reasons for the complaint to economic issues. According to him, it was because of “money, women always want money.”